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NaSMail code differences from SquirrelMail

  1. Lossy encoding options are not available. is_conversion_safe() function is removed.
  2. $default_charset variable is not used and set_my_charset() function is removed. Interface always runs in 'utf-8'.
  3. Removed options_*_inside and options_link_and_description hooks. Use optpage hooks.
  4. Modified sqimap_msgs_list_copy() function. Added sqimap_msgs_list_move() function. In SquirrelMail sqimap_msgs_list_copy() moves messages. In NaSMail they are copied.
  5. Unbundled calendar, mail_fetch, newmail, squirrelspell, spamcop and translate plugins.
  6. Modified displayPageHeader $mailbox argument handling. 'None' is keyword in SquirrelMail and valid mailbox name in NaSMail.
  7. Ported ngettext support from 1.5.1. NaSMail bindtextdomain and textdomain wrappers must be used instead of standard gettext textdomain calls.
  8. Modified theme format and activation functions
  9. Modified presets.
    * default_sub_of_inbox - some IMAP servers store all personal folders under INBOX. Other IMAP servers use empty string for personal namespace prefix. Flipping setting to incorrect value will sort INBOX subfolders incorrectly. Setting is removed in NaSMail 1.3.
    * show_contain_subfolders_option - Do we have to enable workarounds for noselect folders?
    * allow_server_sort - Enabled when server is known to support it.
  10. sqimap_login() function is deprecated in NaSMail 1.2.
  11. In NaSMail 1.2 and later plugins should not work with user password information directly. They should use functions provided in functions/auth.php.
  12. Different number of required arguments in sqimap_get_sort_order() and get_thread_sort() functions. Code can't be made backwards compatible due to PHP4 restrictions on use of referenced arguments.
  13. soupNazi() function is available only in NaSMail 1.0-1.3 versions.
  14. mailbox controls differ from the ones that are available in SquirrelMail

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