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This page lists available NaSMail plugins.

Change Password   HTML Mail
Allows users to change their email passwords.   Allows users to compose and send their email in HTML format.
Image Buttons   Username
Replaces standard NaSMail top menu line with images.   Displays user's login name in left folder listing.
Message Translation   Mail Fetch
Translates received emails in online translation engines   Downloads mail from a pop3 server to your email account.
Calendar   Newmail
Simple personal calendaring plugin for NaSMail   Notifies the user when a new mail arrives.
SpamCop   SpellCheck
Submits spam emails to SpamCop.   Checks spelling of composed messages.
Address Book Import/Export   Forced Preferences
Imports or exports address books.   Sets or enforces default NaSMail options.
Advanced Settings   AutoSubscribe
Advanced interface configuration options.   Automatic IMAP folder subscription.
Default Domain   Cookie Warning
Adds default domain to login name.   Detects browsers with disabled cookies.
Compatibility   Extended Address Book
Adds missing functions to older NaSMail versions.   Adds address books with more fields.
Clock Skew   Demo
Logs difference betweek client and server clock.   Tests and sample functions for various NaSMail hooks.
hMailServer Address Book   Login Failed
Adds global hMailServer address book.   Logs failed logins and blocks repeated login failures.
Autoresponder   Fix MIME
Allows to set automatic replies in some email setups.   Allows to change character set in displayed emails and fixes some broken MIME messages.
Spam Controls   SpamAssassin-SQL
Trains Bayes spam filtering engines.   Controls SpamAssassin settings stored in a SQL database.
Archive Mail   Show Thumbnails
Download archived messages   Shows thumbnails of attached images
Show Quota   GPG
Shows mailbox quotas   Allows to encrypt, sign, and decrypt messages in accordance with the OpenPGP standard for email security and authentication.
Folder Synch   S/MIME
Allows to synchronize NaSMail frames when message information is changed.   Allows to verify S/MIME email signatures and decrypt encrypted S/MIME emails.
Test   Folder Sizes
Profiles scripts.   Shows folder usage
LDAP Query   Mini Window
Allows to search LDAP directories for additional information.   Displays unread messages in small window.
Left Logo   Folder Notes
Displays logo above left folder listing.   Displays administrative information about folders.
Mobile Browser Support   VmailMgr Administrator
Adjusts interface settings for mobile browsers.   VmailMgr account management
TNEF Attachment Decoder   Retrieve User Data
Allows to read TNEF attachments.   Automatically sets user's email and full name
Get UUencode   RFC1153 Digest
Allows to decode UUencoded attachments.   Improves handling of rfc1153 digests
Unsafe Image Rules   Virtual Keyboard
Allows to whitelist unsafe images.   Adds visual keyboard to login page
Notes   Virtual Host
Allows to save notes.   Use different configuration for virtual hosts
Folder Settings   View as HTML
Use different sorting order in selected folders.   Allows to switch between plain text and html emails
Logger   More Controls
Registers user logins and other system messages.   Adds additional mailbox controls

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