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NaSMail Forced Prefs plugin

This plugin allows to set or enforce default NaSMail options for existing NaSMail users.

1.5 version (2007-11-25)

This plugin version adds support of NaSMail GPG plugin hooks.


Download nasmail_plugin_forced_prefs-1.5-1.0.tar.gz (md5sum: 0f9b9b0d65e4eae3dde87f2488145361)
or nasmail_plugin_forced_prefs-1.4-1.5.diff.gz patch (md5sum: 490ef4e339edf6ae9845fb27b3c32e14)

1.4 version

This plugin version adds new configuration options ($fp_dynamic_defaults and $fp_dynamic_overrides) and fixes options_save hook overrides. New options allow administrators to change interface defaults or override user settings without saving them in user preferences.


Download nasmail_plugin_forced_prefs-1.4-1.0.tar.gz (md5sum: 56d20c8f1c6e798163cd53355a4fbfa2)
or nasmail_plugin_forced_prefs-1.3-1.4.diff.gz patch (md5sum: 5f9f2e116cef67c5731b511a4b02dfce)

1.3 version


Download nasmail_plugin_forced_prefs-1.3-1.0.tar.gz (md5sum: 8070f5328af2b42820879a5deb38a578)

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