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Main NaSMail package

This package contains core NaSMail scripts and bundled plugins.

1.7.1 version (2010-10-10)

nasmail-1.7.1.tar.gz (md5sum: 6aa8d26172c6e88953c4c70baf543eef)
nasmail-1.7.1.tar.bz2 (md5sum: 7b903abab586727cff125c3e49b54235) (md5sum: e54292fea508b5084eaf423a6eab5abd)
nasmail-1.7-1.7.1.diff.gz (md5sum: 69c6da8b85e501c690dbbaae19a5691e)

NaSMail translations

This package contains NaSMail translations.

1.7 version (2009-11-22)
Includes Chinese, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian interface translations.

nasmail_translations-1.7.tar.gz (md5sum: e263f58631ed769603678b4059cdb603)
nasmail_translations-1.7.tar.bz2 (md5sum: 806235c37924b6965673c514ade3aee5) (md5sum: 78608819b4422eb94abe722e65af5abe)

Plugin Pack

This package contains bundle of NaSMail plugins. You can find separate plugin packages and plugin descriptions on plugins page.

1.3 version (2009-11-22)

nasmail_plugin_pack-1.3.tar.gz (md5sum: fc546198d4e01b4e6fe8e7f3df472956)
nasmail_plugin_pack-1.3.tar.bz2 (md5sum: badaeceb6a449172dd2720daf6ed108f) (md5sum: 522ff801e2f66c71a1047f7119cbe3a8)

Extra Decoding Library

This package adds additional charset decoding support to NaSMail webmail package. It adds support of various ISO646 and Mac character sets. Package also provides CJK character set decoding libraries that don't depend on recode, iconv or mbstring support in PHP.

1.3 version (2008-04-20)

nasmail_extra_decode-1.3.tar.gz (md5sum: a9e8170885e1f79ae2448863005dba1c)
nasmail_extra_decode-1.3.tar.bz2 (md5sum: 3ecb5503a61edd57f7f8d61670b11c44) (md5sum: 3fb90190e174079d1e670e199a3a11b9) or
patch against 1.2 version (md5sum: 70300df8275389fc6e72fb7ec39444cc)


Bulkquery - small C program used to speedup RBL queries in filters plugin
nasmail_utility_bulkquery-1.0.src.tar.gz (md5sum: cf7e1c7b4cb6db3aef843fd0893a8845)

Flat2SQL - converts NaSMail file based preferences into SQL.
nasmail_utility_flat2sql-1.1.tar.gz (md5sum: 43a8b0443ee783cb9eeb384b18a3966d) - library to communicate with VmailMgr daemon.
nasmail_utility_vmailmgr-1.0.tar.gz (md5sum: bd9b3ad24a7cf1a199639d6941ef8711)

Current code

NaSMail's Subversion repository can be checked out through anonymous access over the SVN protocol (TCP 3690), or over http. Depending on your network configuration you may prefer to use one or the other (for instance, if your internet access goes through a web proxy, it's unlikely that access over http will work).

Checkout over SVN protocol (TCP 3690):
  svn co svn:// nasmail

Checkout over http:
  svn co nasmail

Plugins that are not bundled with NaSMail can be checked out with
  svn co svn:// plugins

Available NaSMail translations can be checked out with
  svn co svn:// translations

Older NaSMail versions

See archived NaSMail versions page.

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