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NaSMail TNEF Attachment Decoder plugin

Plugin was originally written for SquirrelMail webmail interface by Bernd Wiegmann and Graham Norbury. This plugin version is rewritten for use in NaSMail webmail interface. It is maintained by the NaSMail project developers.

Plugin allows to open and extract embedded attachments from ms-tnef encoded files such as "winmail.dat". (As generated by Microsoft Outlook and friends)

With this plugin enabled, an extra "view" option will be added to the available hyperlinks whenever a file of mime-type 'application/ms-tnef' is received. After selecting this link, you will be taken to a page displaying the contents of the file, and given the opportunity to download one or more of the attachments.

0.7.nsm version (2008-02-23)


Download nasmail_plugin_attachment_tnef-0.7.nsm-1.4.tar.gz (md5sum: 7702181fbad2cd1b6d7589ee6518ced9)

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