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NaSMail Mini Window plugin

The Mini Window plugin allows to track new mails and even read text messages in small window. Plugin strips all html and does not handle attachments. It is simple to use. After installation users will see a 'mini window' link at the top of their folder list. This will spawn a JavaScript window that displays any folder that has new mail and it's current mail count. The folders can be expanded to show the subject and sender. Clicking on the subject will open the message within the mini window if plugin can locate message text part. More complicated multipart messages will not open and the plugin will tell end user that he or she must open them up in main webmail window.

0.3.nsm version (2007-11-04)


Download nasmail_plugin_mini-0.3.nsm-1.3.tar.gz (md5sum: 63b6338c1b274bedaa72c87366d60d0c)

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