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NaSMail HTML Mail plugin

HTML Mail plugin allows users to compose and send their email in HTML format.

2.8 version (2010-06-30)

Plugin is updated to work in WebKit browsers. FCKEditor upgraded to 2.6.6. Update allows to write HTML mails current Safari, Chrome and Chromium browser versions. FCKEditor engine is also enabled for Opera 9.5+

Plugin is updated to use configuration file from NaSMail config/ directory.


Download nasmail_plugin_html_mail-2.8-1.2.tar.gz (md5sum: e5d6483c5e0a0623b50fdbd02bb2b572)
or nasmail_plugin_html_mail-2.7.1-2.8.diff.gz patch (md5sum: 8634e19198b5408d5294afd2450ddff8)

2.7.1 version (2009-01-31)

This plugin release fixes PHP4 compatibility issues.


Download nasmail_plugin_html_mail-2.7.1-1.2.tar.gz (md5sum: 05ec8e6a0e740b45e0118401d4f5f360)
or nasmail_plugin_html_mail-2.7-2.7.1.diff.gz patch (md5sum: 6a1b1097e5cede1fcecbc982c44851a2)

2.7.nsm version (2008-04-26)

This plugin release adds integration with Notes plugin.


Download nasmail_plugin_html_mail-2.7.nsm-1.2.tar.gz (md5sum: 2884c87343c77d37ff976aceb4302593)
or nasmail_plugin_html_mail-2.6-2.7.diff.gz patch (md5sum: 9e0eda7377bb4073698ae2c6404cff55)

2.6.nsm version

This plugin version adds TinyMCE engine support, updates FCKeditor engine, adds support of file uploads in FCKeditor and gives more editor configuration options. Upgrade removed some features that were present in FCKeditor 2.1 engine. Universal Keyboard was removed from FCKeditor 2.3.3 due to unclear licensing issues.

This plugin version increased minimal NaSMail requirements to 1.2 version. Older NaSMail versions can work only when compatibility 1.1 plugin is installed.

See plugins/html_mail/ReleaseNotes.txt for more information about plugin changes.


Download nasmail_plugin_html_mail-2.6-1.2.tar.gz (md5sum: 5816b65e456a7602879ecb12c007835f)
or nasmail_plugin_html_mail-2.5-2.6.diff.gz patch (md5sum: c55e9698ad98f617f0739d65ce7cd61c)

2.5.nsm version

This plugin version was updated to work with cookieless NaSMail 1.2+ mode. Running plugin in cookieless mode reduces options available to end user and can't prevent remote abuse of plugin scripts. Use of HTML mail plugin in cookieless mode is not recommended.


Download nasmail_plugin_html_mail-2.5.nsm-1.0.tar.gz (md5sum: 57890f4f50187f970809a2a7d188c58c)
or nasmail_plugin_html_mail-2.4-2.5.diff.gz patch (md5sum: 44354ac4f772475076eb7ea42b0603d8)

2.4.nsm version


Download nasmail_plugin_html_mail-2.4.nsm-1.0.tar.gz (md5sum: 7f1d2cec70b2dc4a7357a10e88f14d67)

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