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NaSMail Get UUencode plugin

Plugin allows to decode uuencoded attachments that are stored in message body or x-uuencode MIME parts.

Plugin is based on SquirrelMail Get UUencode plugin.

WARNING: Plugin increases interface memory usage. It also tries to avoid pcre errors by increasing default pcre backtrack limits. These manipulations might allow attacker to crash PHP interpreter. If plugin is enabled, peak memory usage might reach 50MiB. If you want to prevent PHP errors, increase PHP memory_limit before you enable plugin or don't enable get_uuencode plugin.

3.1.nsm version (2008-03-04)


Download nasmail_plugin_get_uuencode-3.1.nsm-1.2.tar.gz (md5sum: 78cb524a06e19eeec13a74ce88d67f5e)

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