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NaSMail configuration

Configuration utility

NaSMail provides configuration utility written in Perl. You can find it in config/ directory. It is recommended way to change NaSMail configuration.

$ cd /var/www/nasmail/config
$ ./

This utility provides menu and command based NaSMail configuration options.

NaSMail Configuration : Read: config.php (1.0)
Main Menu --
1.  Organization Preferences
2.  Server Settings
3.  Folder Defaults
4.  General Options
5.  Themes
6.  Address Books
7.  Message of the Day (MOTD)
8.  Plugins
9.  Database
10. Interface settings

D.  Set pre-defined settings for specific IMAP servers
C.  Turn color on     S.  Save data         Q.  Quit

Command >>

Menu is navigated by entering numbers or letters written next to menu option name in 'Command >>' line. utility also supports some command line options.

--install-plugin plugin-name
Enables specified plugin in NaSMail configuration.
--remove-plugin plugin-name
Disables specified plugin in NaSMail configuration.

Administrator plugin

Standard NaSMail package includes administrator plugin. This plugin can be used to change NaSMail configuration in web browser. User must be logged into NaSMail and he or she must be recognized as admin user in administrator plugin functions. See plugins/administrator/INSTALL for more information about setting user permissions in plugin.

Plugin allows to modify most of NaSMail configuration settings. Currently only LDAP address book configuration is not supported.

Web setup utility

Standard NaSMail package includes web setup utility. This script allows to create initial interface configuration in web browser. Web setup utility allows to configure interface only when config/config.php file is not present and sets only limited number of options.

Other ways to configure NaSMail

If you can't use provided configuration tools on webserver, you can manually create configuration file from config_default.php. Just copy config_default.php to config.php and edit it with your favorite text editor.

cp config_default.php config.php

config_default.php file uses Unix line endings and it won't be displayed correctly in Windows Notepad. If you want to modify file on Windows, use WordPad or any other editor.

Installing plugins

Some plugins are included in standard NaSMail packages. Some can be downloaded from NaSMail site. All plugin packages are named as nasmail_plugin_plugin name-version-minimal NaSMail version.tar.gz.

Plugins are enabled in '8. Plugins' menu section.

Check plugin's documentation before you enable it in NaSMail configuration. Some plugins need configuration files. Some plugins can use functions that are available only in newer NaSMail versions.

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