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NaSMail and Turkish translation issues

Turks have different character case conversion rules. These rules can cause lots of issues, if programmers use locale dependent string functions and assume standard English case conversion rules. This document tries to cover issues that you might have, if you use NaSMail or SquirrelMail in Turkish translation. Similar problems can happen in Azerbaijani and Kurdish translations.

If PHP scripts are executed in Turkish system locale, it might break scripts or PHP interpreter itself. Issues are not common in older Unix systems because they don't have correct Turkish translation tables. Linux systems have better i18n support and it breaks things with PHP and strtolower/strtoupper/strcasecmp functions. NaSMail and SquirrelMail have workarounds for Turkish translation, but NaSMail developers can deliberately disable those workarounds in NaSMail development versions in order to make sure that interface is coded correctly.

Here goes the list of common issues.

PHP and case insensitive function names

Older PHP versions use locale dependent string comparison in function names. You got stuck with it, if you get Fatal error: Call to undefined function: quoteımap() in /some-path/functions/imap_general.php on line xxx error.

Possible fix:

Charset name conversion to upper case in PHP scripts

Some scripts might call strtoupper on character set name before using it in IMAP SEARCH, SORT or THREAD queries. You got stuck with it, if you get İSO-8859-9 charset is not supported error.

Possible fixes:

White pages instead of SquirrelMail login page

It can happen with some IE version. IE does not like one header that is send by SquirrelMail scripts. I don't know IE version, but I have information that upgrade fixed the problem.

PHP bugs

List of PHP bugs that might affect Turkish translation in NaSMail.

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