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About NaSMail Licensing

NaSMail scripts are licensed under GPL. We have selected this license because we want to provide same unrestricted code to all our users. If you want to modify look of NaSMail and restrict your customers' right to distribute script changes, you are looking at the wrong webmail suite.

If NaSMail scripts are distributed (given to third party), all included scripts and web objects must be licensed under GPL. You can't attach images, javascript or stylesheets and restrict script distribution based on the fact that those includes are copyrighted. You can't distribute included objects in separate package, if interface rendering is broken when those objects are not available.

NaSMail Project tries to prevent commercial abuse of developers' work. If some company tries to make money on NaSMail scripts without contributing code back to NaSMail Project or company tries to block distribution of script modifications, NaSMail Project developers won't try to make any deals with such company. Distribution must be under GPL or distribution must be stopped. If company tries to apply restrictions with TOS or EULA, it violates GPL and loses the right to distribute NaSMail.

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